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Since my website went live last January, we have sold our cushions across the world from Dubai and Sydney, to London and New York. My collections have filled shelves of prestigious shops like the Conran Shop in Dublin and Selfridges in London and we have splashed across the pages of newspapers like the FT, Sunday Times, Wall Street Journal and The Guardian. 
None of this would have been possible without your astounding love and support. You have given me a chance at making it here in Europe and most importantly a miraculous dream - a dream that has brought us hope where many in similar positions to me have felt defeated.
However, as we look ahead we are at a critical crossroads and In Casa has some really big questions to address. Each month we just sell enough cushions to cover our overheads but we have been struggling to make the necessary investments in the crucial things that make businesses a business: things like marketing, a production and business manager and even an accountant - this has made my life incredibly fraught with stress and worry as without these In Casa is not sustainable. 
So today, I am asking a special request to help save my business and help me grew as an artist and creator: would you consider making a donation to help us fund the next phase of In Casa - we will use this money to structure In Casa as a social enterprise, reinforce our brand through marketing and outreach, and invest in our team –  in doing so we hope to set the foundations to stick around a bit longer; to give back to both the migrant community in Europe and to one day provide employment back in The Gambia so my peers do not have to undertake the horrific journey I did.
A one-off - or (if you are feeling very generous) a monthly  - donation (or investment. My dream is to show that migrants are a force for good and can bring opportunity and joy to Europe.
My proudest achievement has been to employ Blessed and Ibra, giving them proper legal contracts to get papers themselves. 
Today, I am trying to structure the business to function as a social enterprise . The aim will eventually be to redistribute all profits to my-coworkers, customers and fellow migrants and to build a platform for other migrant artisans like myself, to pursue their dreams. Only this way, I believe the social objectives of this project of mine can be fulfilled. 
For In Casa to survive, I am now asking you to join me on this long road to fulfilling its potential. With no network or family to rely on Europe, I have only all of you who have supported me so far to ask for help - be it a small one off donation, a regular contribution, investment or your energy, time and pro-bono expertise to give me advice and guidance on keeping small businesses alive.  
I am overjoyed by how far we have come and none of it would have not been possible without you. The journey ahead has the possibility of being full of promise and hope. This spring, help us keep our dream alive, invest in our journey and consider donating to In Casa. 
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Huge thank you to all of you, I am super grateful for your support, 
With hope and love,
Paboy xox